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24.08 | 2016
Performance and development management during the crisis: GLOBALPAS expertise in articles for the leading papers

Performance and development management has always been among the most crucial and topical questions. The importance of these components of people management has increased even more during turbulent crisis times.

Waiting for the fall season to start, our colleagues from the leading papers have asked us exactly these questions.

The Pharmvestnik has addressed GLOBALPAS managing partner Tatiana Kuznetsova with a tricky question «How to measure the unmeasurable?». The article focuses on emlpoyees of pharmaceutical companies whose regular goals can not be set and thus controlled in numbers. Tatiana Kuznetsova shares her experience and reveals all the details, tools and instruments that do help once you need to measure real performance of product managers, medical advisers, assistants, etc.  

In the article «Development management system during the crisis» (Grebennikov publishing house) Tatiana Kuznetsova shares her wide experience and GLOBALPAS practice of seting and fine tuning development management system in different companies.

She focuses not only on the system main components and steps, but also analyses the current situation with development management system on different markets, describes all the typical problems that HR specialists tackle implementing the system. Special part of the article is devoted to budget saving during crisis times and answers the hardest question – how to keep developing people into real professionals with significantly reduced HR budgets.

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