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We work mostly with big companies, that are market leaders. And we are very proud with our clients.

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A few words about business systematization:

Any company goes through the process of transition from the “family” business format to the “system” one. This process is known as organisational development. All big companies have been small. But the main reason why they have become large and successful is because first they have managed to become system and mature.

A system company is able to make its business of any size, to grow it on new territories, to increase number of personnel, but at the same time keeping it manageable and efficient, while “family” companies are very much limited in it.

Owners and top managers that address us come from different companies, both big and small. In every case we define unique tasks and objectives. But what they have in common is that they all ask us to make their companies more system. And thus we start business systematization projects together with them.

Sergey Profatilov,


There are clear levels of organisational development and systematization for any business. The main three of them are “Adolescence”, “Youth”, “Maturity”. The closer the company is to the “Maturity” level, the more competitive it is and the more it’s able to grow and develop.

But even mature companies require systematization in details and further business development. That’s why it is not only small Russian companies that go for systematization projects. We have implemented business systematization and people management instruments in very mature international companies that are listed in Fortune 500.

Depending on company development level, there are different sets of systems to be implemented and tasks to fulfil in order to reach the next level.

Level «Adolescence»

Tasks to fulfil to reach the next level:

1- Forming company strategic business plan for 3, 5 or 7 years, including Key Success Factors (KSFs)

2- Forming company Mission, Vision, Corporate values and also key elements of corporate culture

3- Building management system: defining job descriptions and responsibilities for every position, defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), implementing daily management system – task setting and control.

Level «Youth»

Tasks to fulfil to reach the next level:

  1. Implementing recruiting system based on competences matrix and competences profile
  2. Forming bonus schemes based on KPIs, creating instruments to measure people performance, implementing piece-rate and weight-based compensation
  3. Writing standards and procedures for all company functions to formalise cross-functional interaction
  4. Building and implementing budgeting system and management accounting

Level «Maturity»

Tasks to fulfil to reach the next level:

  1. Methodological help when implementing ERP and CRM systems
  2. Implementing Performance management system, Development management system and People value management system
  3. Implementing Grading system for large companies
  4. Implementing Lean principles (Toyota System) in production, services, logistics and other company functions

We help our clients to fulfil all these tasks. This kind of work is normally called management consulting. But many consultants only give general recommendations and write reports that deliver no practical results. Together with our clients we re-build organisational structure of their businesses, control changes, measure results, see achievements and differences made. That is why we do not call it consulting, but rather implementation of business systematisation instruments.

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