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What is the most important in recruiting for our clients?
Of course,…


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Our clients

We work mostly with big companies, that are market leaders. And we are very proud with our clients.

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A few words about recruiting:

What is the most important in recruiting for our clients? The result, of course. Every company expects not only to get a candidate as soon as possible, but to get a proper candidate that will become effective part of the team very quickly. To fulfill this task every single detail of recruiting process and collaboration with client should be performed perfectly.

Natalia Leontieva,
Managing Partner


The main area of our specialization is recruiting of high-qualified specialists as well as top and middle managers.

We do not start recruiting with searching, but rather with very significant preparation. To be able to find the right person, for the right role and for the right company, first of all we do our best to understand company culture, its value and specifics. And only once it is done, we help our clients to form the final candidate's profile and understand the current situation on the HR market. Only when we fully understand who we are looking for, we start searching.

To make searching more effective, we use such instruments as professional communities, forums and a large net of recommendations resources as well as traditional services. It allows us to find people that are not available in open online web-sites.

Then we make very careful selection of candidates. To save time of our clients we do not send them dozens of CVs. We send them only properly selected and the most suitable candidates that do meet profile requirements.

When selecting we use competencies-based interview. Normally candidates make very bright self-presentations during interviews. Our recruiters pay attention not to theese presentations, but to candidates' competences that do predict their future performance. Together with competencies we assess the level of candidates' loyalty and ethics.

Moreover, we find it absolutely necessary to assess whether a candidate suits a concrete company, its specifics and corporate culture. That is the main reason why so many candidates meeting formal requirements and having necessary competences are not invited for interviews with our clients. Only those who are most likely to become really valuable team members are invited.

When selecting top managers we also use Assessment Centre tools that help us to make sure that this candidate will be successful taking this or that position.

These are the main components of a successful recruiting recipe. There is only one thing that is equally important to our clients. That is quality of collaboration with recruiters during recruiting process. That is why we always keep in touch with our clients and keep them informed about recruiting process status.

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